Optimal customer contact, meeting all the current expectations: an ever-greater challenge in a rapidly changing world. A world full of noise, in which technological possibilities, digital channels, networks and touch points are expanding. But there’s also a growing sense of distance, inaccessibility and misunderstanding.

How can you, as an organization, make a difference today? Deliver personal satisfaction to citizens and consumers? Deliver the best experience? Increase loyalty? Locally and internationally? Preferably in their own language? Especially when competition is fierce and circumstances are uncertain and unpredictable. Who can your organization turn to when the challenges are urgent and the risks are high? And when every contact counts?

Pleased to meet you, we are RIFF. We’re not your standard customer care centre, no standard helpdesk, but the special forces for complex customer care. We are driven specialists for thoughtful, creative and practical solutions for every challenging situation.

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Are you ready for a unique and challenging role, including tailor-made training? A role in which you can use your knowledge, talent, the latest tools and technology to help people?

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Relevant communication with customers: tips & tricks

17 Apr
Companies want to stay in touch with their customers and let them know what they are doing to prevent the spread of the virus, but also what services they still offer. Especially in e-commerce there are more opportunities now that people are not going to physical stores. But more on that later…
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RIFF highest entry Emerce100 with top 3 position

17 Apr
We are proud! With 5 stars, RIFF is the highest new entry in the Emerce100 2019 in the ‘full-service agency’ category.
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RIFF provides full customer contact services for Schiphol

17 Apr
It’s Schiphol’s ambition to help travellers in the terminal with their questions and problems even better and more efficiently. To realize this ambition, RIFF has set up a completely new customer contact centre on behalf of Schiphol and provides daily customer contact with a team of over 100 people.
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Webcase in times of crisis

17 Apr
At the outbreak of an international crisis, as is now the case with the outbreak of the Coronavirus, we see that there is a great need for news and information. Social media is an important source for this for many people. Posts are shared, liked and the reactions are massive. Unfortunately, these reactions are not only positive, and they often have a negative tone.
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